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What is this babble?

Herein contains my ramblings on experiences and expectations of technology This isn’t a project blog. There won’t be how-to guides or debugging tips and tricks.

This is for posting technical thoughts that haven’t yet had the chance to come out in conversation. The posts won’t even be designed to start conversations, I’d expect they’d be so obvious or so esoteric that it would be difficult to hold a discussion over them. It’s mostly a historical record of thoughts surrounding technology. I’d like to keep track of them, just to be able to look back to see what I once thought of a technology. Why I was optimistic about it or why I ignored it. I can’t make it immutable, but I’m going to promise that I won’t edit old posts after I discover they are all wrong in some or all ways. This should keep me honest about my track record.

As such, it will be a public journal of opinions covering everyday choices to lessons learned.

Who am I?

If the only choice in life was between going wide or deep, I’d go wide.

I don’t turn down new experiences. I’d like to know the basics of everything. The ability to be mentally and physically flexible requires a certain attitude and lifestyle. My focus isn’t narrow, but it stays pretty consistent. I started with electronic hardware and moved to software, picking up a love for math along the way. I’ve moved around a bit, learning more about people every time. It’s never tiring, it’s refreshing. I’m a stoic pragmatist, so I don’t hold many strong beliefs. I embrace difficulty and get bored without a challenge. I’m working on a few right now, do you have a new one I can help with? If you find this while looking for me on FB, I don’t have one. Add me on G+!

Favorite modern quote

There are still many large white spaces on the map of human knowledge. […] Every single moment is a possibility to go to these new places and explore them

Peter Thiel