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Gave a Hoot

I found my boss’s old programming blog.

He’s much more practical in his writing than I. It starts at his job search experiences and then moves into his discussion of introductory coding experiences. The posts are very focused on process and application, never mentioning a specific language or technical details(Two things I’m keen on detailing!). It’s clear he also spent some time reading Yegge and books on best practices. He discusses these practices through his book reviews, much like my blog reviews. I see the books he reviewed in his office, and his passion for testing clearly comes from applying the lessons learned in these books. I wonder what he would think of my posts, as most of my technical discussions with him are very practical and less reflective than my blog.

I wish he wrote more on the lessons he learned as he’s done more advanced work, the last post was in 2011. Since then I know he’s successfully done some major application refactoring and grown a sizable team.

This post will give me the same number of posts he had when he stopped blogging (13). I plan on continuing my pontification, and maybe mentioning it to him will give him some motivation to put his thoughts out there again!