A Reintroduction I’m moving my content from tumblr to here. I only used tumblr before because it was resonably public and seperate from other blogging and social networks that I already had established. Now I have a dedicated site serves that same purpose (with a higher cost to me of course). Tumblr had fine formatting tools and tagging, but since I didn’t visit it often or interact with anyone on the site I figured I might as well just make my own island for this stuff.


Time to blah more about myself. Not any meaningful or personal information about myself, just random thoughts that cross my head who yearn to be communicated. More practicing questions of the “So how does that make you feel?” variety. Until now, my gchats have held the answers for questions like: “Why do you still have a flip phone?” and “How have you never made a Facebook account?” These make for great casual conversations, as I get to repeat it to multiple friends while I question my decisions and eventually justify my reasoning or abandon it with a wave of sarcasm.